After testing this app out, it is apparent why 3 million users are enjoying MentalUP. Fun games are leveled throughout the app and are designed to improve and develop many important cognitive skills, such as memory and concentration.

The levels within the game are timed. The goal is to complete as many questions as you can before the buzzer. Once you complete the level, you can see where you stack up against other users. The game includes a variety of mentally challenging exercises. In some exercises, you may be asked to look at an object, remember it, and then pick it out amongst a group of objects. Other activities call for the alphabetization of a handful of letters. I like that the app covers a wide range of games and exercises, it kept me entertained, and my brain challenged.

The version of the app that I tried was free. However, for full access to all of its features, a subscription is required. With the subscription, you gain access to different levels as well as a way to track and measure your performance with regular reports.

Available for download through iTunes and Google Play. Also available on PC. (Only tested on an iPhone and PC.)



  • Endless fun brain games
  • Games to help improve the development of memory, attention, concentration, analytical thinking, visual intelligence, and many more cognitive skills
  • Track improvement over time
  • Compare your performance with over 3 million users
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