Loopimal is an app that allows kids (or adults!) to unlock their musical creativity by creating fun, rhythmic tunes that pair with silly dancing characters. The interface of this app is visually appealing with soft colors, no distractions, and an intuitive setup.

Upon opening the app, silly creatures are gently moving to soft music. Below the fun characters are five shapes within different colored rectangles that loosely resemble piano keys. By dragging these shapes into the spaces above them, you can program these animals to dance. Each shape represents a different dance move and creates a melody.

There is no end goal to this game. The purpose is strictly to provoke musical exploration. In doing so, children will also learn the concepts of sequencing and looping. This has a mathematical component on a subtle level and can even lend some insight into the early stages of programming.

Available for download through iTunes. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  • Endless possibilities of creations and compositions
  • Intuitive and fun
  • Melodic, rhythmic, and movement-based content
  • No goals or right or wrong creations
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