* Best of the Best Award by BestAppsForKids.com

Issa’s Edible Adventures is a wonderful app that was created by world-renowned chef and TV star, Aliya Leekong. The idea behind the app is to help the chef collect missing ingredients for dishes he must prepare. These ingredients, however, are not just obtained from the kitchen. Issa must travel the world to find these ingredients in their original form from their place of origin.

As Issa makes her way through her travels, she explores the different cultures and shares interesting facts via audio and text. Once she has all the ingredients she came for, she flies home to help the chef prepare the meal. The meal preparation is done in a step-by-step fashion, allowing the user to complete the dish by dragging the ingredients needed, stirring them, etc.

I really enjoyed how this app incorporated social studies. I also loved that it helped spark interest in unique food items and dishes that I usually wouldn’t consider eating or using.

Available for download through iTunes. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  • Find out how a restaurant kitchen works and dive into new and exciting ingredients!
  • Travel across the map and explore each location to discover the language, culture, customs, and food!
  • Get familiar with how a real recipe works and learn about authentic dishes from around the world!
  • Read along with highlighted captions for beginning readers
  • No time limits or scoring – just educational fun!
  • Safe for kids! No third-party ads!
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