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Think Like Churchill

Think Like Churchill

Think Like Churchill is one amazing app! I not only learned a great deal about Winston Churchill, much more than I learned in school, as well as a real insight into the major decisions he made in his life. It comes with superb narration by Boris Johnson, a British...


WolframAlpha is like having a personal interactive encyclopedia. It is the web's premier reference utility covering virtually any subject you can think of: politics, history, math, engineering... It will even tell you how many airplanes are in the sky at any given...
Spirit of 76

Spirit of ’76

Spirit of '76 is one of the most aptly named applications I've run across in the educational genre.It is not a cut and dry history app that teaches about the American Revolution and independence of our nation. It portrays an in-depth look at the events leading up to...
Presidents vs. Aliens

Presidents vs. Aliens®

Presidents vs. Aliens is another great app developed by the makers of the award-winning app, "Stack the States." It includes a fun game while learning facts about each President. You can choose to be quizzed on different categories; your correct answers give you a...